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We are a small business based in Singapore with a big passion for our furkids. Only brands and products we personally love have been selected with good reason; they're made with only the best in mind for our little angels, while adding a touch of swag to your homes.

From the plushest pet beds, super stylish litter pods, amusing pet toys, gorgeous leashes and collars that add a bounce to your furkid’s step, each product is made with great care by some of today’s best pet designers.

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Small Howly


This Reddot award winning design 'Howly' bed is a modern, easy DIY house for your furkid, providing optimal comfort and stability. The Howly has a removable steel frame that helps keep the conical shape and structure of the house, and by removing the steel frame you can easily store it away for the moments when it’s not being used.

In addition, the inside fabric of the cushion is coated to be water-resistant so you are completely safe if “accidents” happen..


      • The Small Howly is available in 4 colours : Basic Beige, Downy Stone, Blue Crush and Peach Perfect
      • The inside of Howly's bottom cushion consists of a built-in microfiber cover and filler typically used in luxury bedding so that it has strong and excellent antibacterial resistance to house dust or tick
      • There would be fine scratches on the natural leather straps at the bottom due to manual hand-made process
      • Made  in Belgium
      • Size - 60W x 50 x 40cm / ∅ 44cm
Price : $350.00
Color :

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