Designer Pet Supplies and Accessories for
A Happy Pawrent, Happy Furkid and Swaggy Happy Home!

We are a small business based in Singapore with a big passion for our furkids. Only brands and products we personally love have been selected with good reason; they're made with only the best in mind for our little angels, while adding a touch of swag to your homes.

From the plushest pet beds, super stylish litter pods, amusing pet toys, gorgeous leashes and collars that add a bounce to your furkid’s step, each product is made with great care by some of today’s best pet designers.

Swaggy Tails is also committed to helping cats and dogs find forever homes because we have a fundamental belief that every tail deserves a happy tale. Please browse our adoption page under Swaggy Happy Homes. Mankind’s most valuable and precious possession could be just a click away.

Thank you so much for your gracious support of Swaggy Tails. We hope you find something here that makes both, your day and your home.