Who we are


Hi hoomans!

My name is Heffy, named after the quintessential stud himself, Playboy’s Hugh Heffner.

I was previously used for my good looks as a stud cat in a Bengal breeding farm but was thankfully adopted and saved by my wonderful ma and pa. I have countless other brothers and sisters who have all since also been adopted, and I hope they too have all found hoomans who lovingly brush and coo to them all day, everyday. I was originally born in the UK but now reside in sunny Singapaw, where I am a proud Singapawrean mao.

After adopting me, meowmy quickly discovered how difficult it was to find cool, classic, quality products that looked great in the home, and awesome for me.

Swaggy Tails is a labour of love and fun; a curation of super stylish, great quality products deserving of special paws like you and me. My cousins, the three riff raffs above, and I trial all our products for our 'paws up' seal of approval.

I talk to mom and dad about everything and anything. I scream like a banshee when I see insects, exclaim when I am surprised, sing with joy when I see birds chirping outside my window (even though I take after daddy and can’t hold a tune), but s’ok. I will sing and sing and give thanks, for I have so much to be happy and thankful for.

I’ve gone from rags to ravish love - I'm a swaggy, happy tail! Thanks for following my tale.

Instagram : @Heffy_the_swaggycat