Albergo Modular Cat Scratching Post


The Albergo sets a new standard in design for contemporary cats. The ultimate piece of modular cat ‘fur-niture’, it provides a beautifully fluid indoor space for cats to climb, scratch, perch and sleep.

Conceived by the design team at Ding3000 for MiaCara, the challenge was anything but simple. Tasked with creating a functional, dynamic and robust piece of furniture that would also fit seamlessly with a modern interior – this would look nothing like a conventional scratching post.

With the needs of indoor cats in mind, the object had to appeal to a cat’s natural instincts to climb, sharpen its claws, and take respite from the household – giving it space to perch up high above the action. The result is an intelligent, multi-functional object, which offers an ever-changing landscape for cats to explore.

Freestanding or placed against a wall, the Albergo is comprised of a series of modular cubes, which through the use of connector clips, can be arranged horizontally and vertically in numerous formations. The half-cut design of the cubes provides cats with a private, protected space, while also allowing them full-sight over their ‘domain’.

Crafted from elegant and honest materials, the Albergo combines a metal frame with a clear lacquered light ash wood, offering a harmonious and contemporary contrast. The Albergo is truly the perfect marriage between form and function – making it a covetable piece of fur-niture for design-lovers and cats alike.

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